08:40 - 10:30
Industry talks (I)
Session chairs: S. Carmignato, C. Heinzl

■ 360 degrees of testing: tomographic scan of a complete material Lab

   Marco Moscatti, TEC Eurolab

■ diondo d2: A versatile Micro-CT solution

   Benjamin Zengerling, diondo

■ AgioMetrix group: MULTI-TECH APPROACH for the quality control of industrial processes and components

   Marco Giogoli, Metrix 3D

■ New developments from Nikon Metrology

   Nikon Metrology

■ Accuracy Enhancement of Industrial X-Ray CT Dimensional Measurements

   Valentina Aloisi, North Star Imaging

■ Characterization and correction of CT reconstruction artefacts

   Roberto Alberio, RX Solutions

■ Smart NDT: the everyday use of phoenix v|tome|x m – versatile CT scanner for Industrial Computed Tomography

   Luca Tentorio, SMART N.D.T.

■ Advanced CT Image Data Visualization, Analysis and Model Generation with Simpleware

   Denis Feindt, Synopsys

 Advanced Image Acquisition and Analysis; Combining HeliScan MicroCT and Avizo Software

   Dirk Laeveren & Andreas Staude, Thermo Fisher Scientific

■ New developments of WinWerth software for CT

   Fabrizio Rosa, Werth


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