11:00 - 12:30
Industry talks (II)
Session chairs: J. A. Yagüe-Fabra, F. Zanini

■ Instrument News from Bruker MicroCT  
Wesley De Boever, Bruker AXS
Portfolio Overview
   Jens Hansen, Carl Zeiss
Reconstruct, Quantify and Control with Digi XCT a Global CT Data Solution
   François Curnier, Digisens
■ Industrial CT applications with Photon Counting detector technology
   Eckhard Sperschneider, Direct Conversion
■ Introduction to Excillum and MetalJet technology
   Fei Yang, Excillum
■ New Core CT Technology Update
   Michael Ulbricht, GE Inspection Technologies

■ Hamamatsu devices for X-ray computed tomography 
   Marzio De Corato, Hamamatsu Photonics
■ GeoDict advances for object identification and analysis on µCT-scans
   Christian Wagner, Math2Market
■ Examples of use of scatter correction in GE v|tome|x m CT system
   Alexej Gamanets, Pontlab
■ IPSDK - a very fast solution for 3D image processing.
   Laurent Bernard, Reactiv’IP

■ Dynamic 3D X-Ray Imaging in your Laboratory
   Lars-Oliver Kautschor, Tescan
■ Varex Imaging Chain: Solutions in Sight
   Tuomas Holma, Varex Imaging
■ Possibilities with VG
   Julian Gölz, Volume Graphics
■ High power transmission tubes for inline CT
   Jens Peter Steffen, X-RAY WorX
 ■ X-Ray and Computed Tomography as a tool for Quality assurance, process optimization and metrology in the field of AM
   Christian Jeuschede, YXLON International


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