13:50 - 15:50      "New Methods & Optimization" / Session chairs: L. Pejryd, H. Suzuki

■ Helical XCT measurement for correlative imaging

   Adam Brinek, Central European Institute of Technology Brno University of Technology, CZ

Spatial Resolution Enhancement Based on Detector Displacement for Computed Tomography

   Kaicong Sun, University of Stuttgart, DE

Scatter Correction for Industrial Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Using 3D VSHARP, a fast GPU-Based Linear  Boltzmann Transport Equation Solver

   Amy Shiroma, Varex Imaging Corporation, US

Artifact reduction in X-ray computed tomography by multipositional data fusion using local image quality measures

   Gabriel Herl, Fraunhofer Entwicklungszentrum Röntgentechnik, DE

Flexible solutions for lab-based phase contrast and dark field CT and micro-CT

   Alessandro Olivo, University College London, UK

Simulated grating-based x-ray phase contrast images of CFRP-like objects

   Jonathan Sanctorum, imec-Vision Lab (University of Antwerp), BE


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