08:30 - 09:00
Keynote (II): “New applications of X-ray CT to characterisation and failure analysis in composite materials" 
I. Sinclair, University of Southampton, UK

09:00 - 10:20
"Non-Destructive Testing"
Session chairs: J. Kastner, C-O. Lee

Fast detection of cracks in ultrasonically welded parts by inline X-ray inspection

   Eline Janssens, imec - Vision Lab, BE

Comparison of X-ray computed tomography and immersion ultrasonic non-destructive testing techniques in the case of qualitative and quantitative assessment of brazing quality level

   Mariusz Jedrychowski, CERN, CH

A Novel Approach for Immediate, Interactive CT Data Visualization and Evaluation using GPU-based Segmentation and Visual Analysis

   Harald Steinlechner, VRVis Research Center, AU

Virtual qualification of novel heat exchanger components with the image-based finite element method

   Llion Evans, Swansea University, UK


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